Auscultatory blood pressure can be taken better and easier
5 merits over manual cuff:

No need to listen in real time;

Easier to capture the beat pulse with visualization;

Better deflation rate control;

Raw data recorded for later check and confirmation;

Save the BP readings on the phone.

Not just another Bluetooth blood pressure monitor
Accutension cuff Doctor’s Manual BP Oscillometric BPM Other Bluetooth BPM
Oscillometric algorithm NO NO YES YES
Sounds playback YES N/A NO NO
Show deflation rate YES N/A NO NO
Measurement raw data YES NO NO NO
Save BP data on phone YES NO NO YES
Multiple users support YES N/A YES YES
Note: most automated BPMs are oscillometric BPM and most Bluetooth BPMs are automated BPMs with Bluetooth function.

More than BP - irregular beat pulse could have some health implications

Since we record and visualize the sounds, characteristics of heart beat can be detected by analyzing the sounds signal curves. For example, (a) is regular heart beat but (d) is irregular and could be linked to Afib (not medically validated).
Manage your blood pressure on your phone
Hold your accurate blood pressure in hand

You pump and deflate the cuff by yourself

Accutension blood pressure kit has a high quality manual pump with a very sensitive valve. You will find you can operate the manual pump and valve by yourself though some practice is needed. You will control the deflation rate by yourself. A deflation rate at 2-4 mmHg per second is perfect.


Reliable daily BP
Accurate diagnosis
Quick skill improvement