Accutension Cuff Smart manual auscultatory blood pressure kit
Original: $99.00

Now: $89.00
  • You own the accuracy of blood pressure measurement
  • Though an automated blood pressure monitor is very convenient, it is like a black box when it determines your blood pressure. It just shows you final blood pressure readings. According to published clinical studies, home blood pressure monitors can be very inaccurate on 29% of patients. However, blood pressure can be measured and determined manually by auscultation of the sounds of blood flow in your branchial artery during cuff deflation. In accutension, all the information required for blood pressure determination is transparent, so you own the accuracy of blood pressure measurement.

  • Watch and Listen to the sounds to determine blood pressure
  • You pump and deflate the cuff by yourself
  • Accutension blood pressure kit has a high quality manual pump with a very sensitive valve. You will find you can operate the manual pump and valve by yourself though some practice is needed. You will control the deflation rate by yourself. A deflation rate at 2-4 mmHg per second is perfect.

  • Compatible with iPhone 5,5C,5S,6,6S,SE,7、iPad Mini 1,2,3,4、iPad 4,5,6、iPad Air、iPad Pro、iPod Touch5,6
  • FDA Cleared
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